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How to store lentils without bugs or insects

How to store lentils without the insects for a longer time: Saving lentils like toor dal, Chana dal etc would be a great headache for the ladies that too who stay outside India. Because our mother and inlaws give the lentils in a large quantity and saving them from the black small bugs or insects is a problem. Finally we need to throw the whole packets out. 

No need to worry now. Just follow the simple tips here and try to store the lentils for a longer time. 

How to store toor dal without insects

Tip 1: Add little castor oil to the lentils like toor dal and mix well. It helps to keep away the insects like small black ones. 

Tip 2: Add few neem leaves or dry red chillies along with the lentils and save in a air tight container. 

Tip 3: Transfer the lentils to a freezer safe containers and you can keep it in the freezer. Whenever you want you can take small amount. 

Tip 4: Add little turmeric powder and mix with the lentils. 

Tip 5: If buying in very large quantity, mix the lentils with boric powder. But take care to wash them very nicely before using it. 

1. Always try to buy the fresh or recently packed lentils. If the lentil packet has little powder like stuff, discard it. 
2. Always use a clean and dry spoon. Any moisture content may bring in the insects. 

So do you follow any other tips in storing the lentils away from bugs??? Share with me. 

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