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Cooking tips: How to clean Oily Vessels

Tips to clean oily vessels: Cleaning oily vessels is always a tough job for the ladies. It's not like other vessels as the oil will stick and does not go easily.  I have some tips to make your job easy and you can clean the oily vessels with an ease and no need to fight with it.

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Tip 1: Using Tamarind

This is age old method which is used in many Indian households to clean oily brass lamps and to make it shiny. Take a small piece of tamarind and clean your vessels first with tamarind or tamarind pulp and then with your soap as usual. 

Tip 2: Lemon

Wash the oily vessels with plain water and then apply the leftover lemon on all the parts. Leave it for sometime and wash with dish washing liquid.

Tip 3: Baking Soda

Wash the vessel with baking soda first and wash it with dish washing liquid normally. 

Tip 4: Vinegar

Like lemon vinegar is also used to clean the oily vessels. Soak the vessels in warm water mixed with vinegar for few minutes. Then wash it off.

Tip 5: Kitchen tissue or paper towel

Before washing the vessels, wipe the oil using the tissue or the paper tower. The paper towel absorbs the oil completely. Now wash as usual. 

Tip 6: Use Hot water

Soak the vessels with hot water for a while before washing. It eases your job.

Tip 7: Concentrated soap

Use the concentrated soap or liquid directly on the oily vessels. Soak for a while and then wash it off. 

Tip 8: Flour (APF or Wheat flour)

Rub the oily vessels with the flour. It makes your job easy by absorbing the oil. Then you can wipe it with a cloth or paper. Then you can wash the vessels. 

So which method are you following to clean the oily vessels??? Share your tip in the comments. 

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