Sunday, August 7, 2016

Food Panda - Delicious Food In Few Clicks

Food panda is an online food delivery website which helps ordering food of our choice from restaurants of our locality to our home or office in the correct time. So you do not need to go and buy your food. Relax at home and concentrate on your work. At present they have their branches in 12 cities in India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune etc., and branches in 27 countries. There are nearly 2000+ restaurants across India which  are found on Food Panda which offers different types of cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian. In Indian they also have the options like South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi, Pizza, cakes etc.,.

Ordering with Food Panda is very easy - Just 3 clicks. Yes, just in 3 clicks.

Go to Food Panda website - 1. Select your city, 2. Select your area, 3. Select your menu from the list of restaurants displayed. We can pay the bill by voucher or by cash on delivery or by online. There is also a facility for prior orders up to 3 days with Food Panda. They provide many deals, where you get your favourite food with less price.

You can also get daily and latest deals of your favourite food through their Facebook and Twitter.

So why wait for - Go and order your food !!! 

6 lovely comments:


Sounds good. Will check it out.

Nava K

We have the concept of food delivery over here but they don't cover my area.

Hamaree Rasoi

Must be a nice online ordering portal. Would try this one out soon.


Nice to know yet another site Akila.

Shama Nagarajan

good to know about food panda...nice post

Nandita SS

Great review!!! Liked the write up Akila. As for your question about the mango tapioca pudding, I am afraid mango juice cannot be used in this recipe because it would make the pudding watery. But you can use the canned mango pulp. I think you should be able to get good results with that

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