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French Toast Recipe

French Toast - I know many people know about this quick and easy break fast. But do you know, when I came to know its name...??? Just last year... you don't believe it right.. but that is the truth... But I was doing this breakfast without knowing its name for many years... yes.. When I am in my college days, I saw the procedure of doing the French Toast in one of the Hollywood movies and from then, I used to prepare this now and then. But I don't know its name. Just last year, in office canteen, I told the recipe to my friend Shilpa and she said, its French Toast. So Funny right... From that time, I am planning to prepare this and post... but now only got the time... We will see the eggless version too soon. But now lets see how to prepare the Basic French Toast...
How to make French Toast

How to make French Toast

Preparation time: 5 min | Cook Time: 03min | Serves:3
Recipe Category: Break fast | Recipe Cuisine: American
  • Bread slices - 6 slices
  • Milk - 1 cup (150 ml)
  • Egg - 1
  • Sugar - 1 tsp (optional)
  • Butter - 1 to 2 tsp
French Toast Indian Style


1. Mix the egg and milk and give a nice stir. Add sugar to this and again give a nice stir.
2. Cut the bread in to triangle (or what ever shape you like) and soak it in the egg-milk mixture just 2 seconds on each side. (Do not soak more than that, as you will get more eggy smell or the bread becomes more mushy).
3. Before soaking the bread, heat the tawa and add little butter. When it is hot, add the soaked bread.
4. Flip the bread on the other side and serve hot with any tomato sauce.

5. Yummy and easy French Toast is ready....

French Toast

Easy breakfast recipe

Yummy and Easy French Toast is ready... 

30 lovely comments:


French toast with a glass of smoothie makes a filling breakfast, yours looks yummy!

Eat n Eat little More

Hey they look great..
1 question though.. can I avoid eggs and try? How will they taste?..
Will there be huge difference akila?


yummy yummy!!!


Always a favourite.. like you it brings back memories for me too. It used to be my kids favourite and our cook in Chennai used to make it so well that my kids named it "Bhanu Toast" .. her name was Bhanu.


comfort...tempting toast...

On going event Julie's Flavors of cuisines - "Turkish"

Nava K

It took me many years too to discover the name, the French toast and as you said, I too have been making it for so long.

This is the simplest yet delicious start for the day. A scoop of ice-cream will convert it into a another level, a dessert after a meal.


Yummy and comfort toast.


same here but with a difference that we had been devouring these delicious toasts without knowing their name...
they were made by our mum...your recipe looks heavenly good :-)


What a lovely presentation..looks so good..healthy breakfast dish..


Looks really wonderful ! Honestly Amazing clicks Akila :)

Priya Anandakumar

Very healthy and filling breakfast, love your beautiful presentation.

Shruti J

100% a healthy weekend morning dish!!! :) Super duper breakfast... I love making it every now n then :)

chow and chatter

;-) I think we make a lot of recipes this way without knowing the name


A quick and healthy dish for breakfast!! Looks so yummy :)


That juice glass catches my attention than the French toast! :) quick n delicious recipe, I add more sugar though! :)


Thats a simple yet amazing recipe. Thanks for sharing this as I can make this for my three-year-old son who eats only egg white.

Gujarati Zaika

Yummy...send your recipes to my Ongoing Events:Cooking With Love - Sister Ongoing event-
1st Anniversary winner's choice giveaway


each n every click is awesome da :)

Manav Singhi

I Love them. . . Very Nice and Healthy.


Looks so nice. pretty clicks :)


The french toast looks perfect ! Looks so appetising.

Vidya Chandrahas

Yummy and tempting toast..well presented.


I have virtually grown up on French toast. It used to Sunday breakfast feature and also I used to love it for snacks. You have beautifully presented it :)


All time our family fav breakfast, Nice clicks

Suja Manoj

Quick delicious breakfast.

Rumana Rawat

Very filling breakfast...

Priya Suresh

Love to start my day with this french toast.

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks

my son cals this "dakka bread" ..for him, butter is "dakka!..loved the toasts..soo tempting.

Sona - latest post on
quick picks - Egg Paniyaram
pick quicks - Good rain..bad rain...

Nilu A

I love french toast.. Yours look good and mazing Akila :-)


quick, easy and healthy!! The perfect breakfast!!

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