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How to make Mango lemonade

Mango Lemonade Recipe or Mango limeade - This is again one of the easy and refreshing drink for the summer. Who can say NO to mangoes. That too when taken as a juice along with freshly squeezed lemons. Lets see how to make Mango Lemonade.

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How to make Mango lemonade

How to make Mango Lemonade

Preparation time: 10 min | Cook Time: 0 min | Serves: 4
Recipe Category: Beverages | Recipe Cuisine: International


Fresh mango - 1

Lemon - 2

Water - 5 cups 

Sugar - as needed

Mango Recipes


1.Wash and peel the mango skin. 

2.Take the flesh and add to the food processor or juice processor.

3. Add the sugar and give a stir. Now add water and give a stir for another 1 min.

4. Filter the juice and squeeze the lemon juice and add it. Mix it.
5. Add some ice cubes and serve chilled.

Mango Lemonade

Mango limade

Adjust the water and sugar according to the sweetness of the mango and how much watery you need your juice to be.
Instead of lemon, Lime can also be used.

Delicious Mango Lemonade is ready

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32 lovely comments:


How refreshing your Mango Lemonade looks Akila. I'm not too fond of Mangos but I would be more than willing to try this!!!

Thank you so much for sharing...

P.S. I know you said you were thinking of playing the Picnic Game. I just wanted to remind you that there are only seven letter left. Hope you can join us:) Louise


fabulous pictures of the refreshing drink

Divya Shivaraman

trust me akila...that second click is simply crystal clear and beautiful...wonderful recipe and clicks

Nava K

I simply love mangoes, one which I cannot say no. This mango drink is having the same effect. May be simple but I am drooling over it.


super cooler...fabulous clicks

Priya Anandakumar

Super refreshing mango lemonade....


Awesome clicks.. Looks very beautiful.. And a yummy mango lemonade :)


very refreshing drink ! I feel like drinking it right away :)


who can say no to the this refreshing and beautiful looking drink on this hot first day of summer..:)


Lovely pictures..looks delicious..


so serene and quiet the colors reflect the truest sense of mangoes in this recipe, amazing clicks to akila


awesome click n refreshing drink..

Shruti J

Super healthy to have with breakfast plate :)


Looks so tempting & delicious. Nice pics

Angie's Recipes

A very refreshing tropical drink!

Gajus kitchen

wow looks so fresh and refreshing

Nilu A

Mango lemonade sounds amazing.. Stunning and perfect color Akila :-)

Menaga Sathia

looks so refreshing,awesome clicks!!

Jayanthy Kumaran

looks delicious dear
Tasty Appetite


Wow wht an idea.. it look so refreshing. nice presentation..

Gujarati Zaika

Super yummy drink....

Vidya Chandrahas

Refreshing drink...truly nice clicks.


Yummy and refrshing drink..


Mango lemonade - so unique!! I have to say the pictures are beautiful!!! They look super refreshing!


Delicious lemonade..luvly click,akila


Hi Akila, your mango lemonade look so refreshing. Perfect for your current hot weather.

Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have a nice week ahead.

sushmita pandit

lovely refreshing....beautiful shots


Akila this looks so so so good. i'm so buying mango this week from TJ. Looks like a mango mojito. Lovely pics. I love your step by step pics, just like me. Makes cooking so much easier. I hate reading!

Saraswathi Ganeshan

Love this double tangy version..apt for this season..


How delicious! This is such a lovely and refreshing drink for the summer. Especially with the beautiful mango season. Cant' wait to try this.

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory)

Your pictures are fabulous, delicious refreshing drink!

Gajus kitchen

Mango lemonade looks lovely and interesting combination

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