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Kaju Katli/Cashew Burfi

Kaju katli is my favorite dish. I planned to try it for a long time and one fine day, finally did it. It came out very good and it was completed on that day itself. This is very easy and just we need to stand on the stove side itself and have little concentration on the sugar consistency. Here goes the recipe.


  • Cashews - 2 cups 
  • Sugar - 1 cup
  • Water - 1/2 cup ( Just to immerse the sugar )
  • Ghee - 2 tsp for greasing
  • Milk - 2 tsp ( + or - ) (optional)


  • Grind the cashews just to powder it. Do not over-grind, since the cashews may leave oil.

  • In a wide non stick pan add sugar and add water just to immerse it.
  • Keep the flame in medium or low to medium.

  • When the sugar gets dissolved, check its consistency.
  • When the sugar syrup comes to a single string consistency (when you take the sugar syrup in your four finger and thumb, it should form a single string). Now add the cashew powder and stir continuously.

  • Now reduce the flame to low and and check a very little portion of cashew paste and try to make a small ball. If you can make it, then that is the right consistency and you can switch off the flame.

  • Grease a plate with ghee and transfer the cashew paste content. 

  • Just leave for 5 min or until you can bear the heat and you can start kneading the dough to make it smooth.

  • If the mixture is dry, you can add a tsp of milk to make it pliable and smooth. 

  • Now with the rolling pin or chapatti roller, roll it to a thin layer and cut it in to diamond shaped pieces.

  • Kaju katli is ready to eat now.

  • Store in a box and can keep in fridge for a week.
  • If milk is added, self life is less than a week. So it is good to consume soon. 

24 lovely comments:

Vimitha Durai

Love this a lot. Feel like grabbing one

chef and her kitchen

nice n delicious katli...looks yumm

Rafeeda AR

beautiful kaju katlis...

Sangeetha Nambi

Fabulous sweet.... Loved ur clicks..

Priya Suresh

Prefect katlis,love to grab some.


Very tempting sweet and my favourite too..:)

Menaga Sathia

Katli came out very well!!looks very nice!!


i just love it dear.. well made..

Jeyashris Kitchen

Very nicely done and looks perfect too


lovely diamond sweet.... even i use to do in the same way....

Suja Manoj

Beautifully made,rich and delicious,love the presentation.


Looks delicious n awesome.

Kannada Cuisine

This is my favorite sweet. love it

Very interesting and delicious recipe...would like to try this, thanks for sharing!


my favorite sweet,yummy!!
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One of my fav!


Perfect white kaju barfis.. super!


Delicious burfi...


Mouthwateringly delicious...can feel having a bite now.


lovely pictures and delicious sweet..

pepper bowl

love the burfies!!


hi akila,
wanted to tell you about my new commenting policy.. pls dont leave links in comment dear.. it is for the sake of our blogs growth.. i hope you dont mind dear..

Perfectly made kaju katli's...yumm


Akila, I loved this recipe. The texture of this barfi looks very tempting.

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