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Badam Milk powder
Home made Almond Saffron Mix 

I used to give MTR badam milk or Complan Kesar Badam to my kids at least twice a week. Two weeks before both got over and I got the idea of why can't we prepare a Home Made Kesar Badam Mix so that it has more quantity badam and Kesar. So I searched for the recipe and used this recipe to prepare the mix. Using this mix, I prepared the Kesar Badam Milk. This mix can be handy and you can use this for preparing Badam kheer. The original recipe did not call for dry frying the badams but my mil told to do as it might last longer days while storing it.

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Kesar Badam Mix

Home Made Kesar Badam Mix Powder

Preparation time: 40 min | Cook Time: 05 min 
 Total Time: 45 min | Serves: 6
Recipe Category: Powders | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Badam / Almonds - 1 cup headed
Cashews - 1/5 cup
Cardamom - 7
Saffron - few ( 3 pinch )
Sugar - 1/2 cup ( optional )


1. Take almonds and transfer to big bowl where almonds kept in single layer.

2. Add boiling water to the almonds and wait for 3 min. Immediately transfer it to the filter and show it in running water.

3. Now peel off the skin and spread ii in a cotton cloth and leave it until all moisture goes off. ( keep under fan for faster drying). Chop them into small pieces. Chop the cashews too.

4. Dry fry them in a pan, until they become crunchier or till they become slight brown colour. Allow to cool down.

5. Dry the cashews until light brown and cool down. Fry the cardamom and saffron also. Do not over fry saffron as they become black.

6. Now add the fried contents to a food processor and grind in medium speed. Stop after a minute and add the sugar.

7. Grind till you get a fine powder. Do not over grind, as the almonds releases oil.

8. Store it in a air tight container and keep in fridge for more self life.

Badam Mix

1. Adding sugar is purely optional. I added as my children eat the powder sometimes. If you want to add you can powder the sugar separately and add. Or while doing any recipe also you can add sugar according to your taste. 
2. You can add some pistachios also. 
3. While searching net, one of the recipe calls for adding a pinch of turmeric powder for more yellowish color.

Healthy and Easy Kesar Badam Mix Powder is Ready

15 lovely comments:

Home Cooked food

my favorite way to drink milk.


flavourful powder.. healthy one too


I too make the same way but without cashews I thing this great than store bought.......I will surely try out with cashews next time...great post..thank you...

Gloria Fernandes

i love to drink milk adding this..homemade is the best always...


who doesn't like Badam Milk.... loved your preparation.. very easy to understand with steps pics and very flavorful.. thanks for sharing

Nava K

Great idea. To save time, I will buy almonds without skin.


I always prefer homemade things..nd this flavorful powder is looks so healthy or yummy...

சாரதா சமையல்

Badam milk powder seymuraium,vilakkappadangkalum arumaiyaka irukku.
ennudaiya valaippoovukku varukai thanthu karuthu sonnatharkku nantri.

thodarnthu karuthukkalai sollungkal.

Shama Nagarajan

flavourful dear

Vysyas recipes

healthy and yummy mix. kids love a lot.


Hi, I tried out this recipe. I added pista n omitted sugar in it. But for some reason it didn't come out as a fine powder. But seemed a bit oily and coarse. What can I do to remedy that??


@Raynukaa.. Sorry for that... May be these could be the reasons
1. Your almonds might be old
2. You might have over grinded them. (In my 7th step I mentioned about it).

But need not worry. Just convert it to badam halwa this time. Follow the recipe : Badam Halwa

You can try this recipe again in a later time 😊


Thank you akila. You are right. Either of these could be the reason. Will surely try out badam halwa with it


Can i gv dis powder to my 2yrs old baby??? If yes den how much? Thx


Yes definitely you can give this to 2yrs baby.. if you are starting first time go with 1 tsp for 200ml milk. Boil nicely and give. Later can increase to 2 tsp. Thanks.

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