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Carrot and orange Juice

Carrot and orange makes a great combination to prepare juice. In my office canteen, they used to prepare different combination of fruits and vegetable juices. I always go either for carrot juice or ABC Juice, but one day saw them preparing this juice and thought of trying it. So I ordered this carrot and orange juice and it was really delicious. So I started preparing this at home and everybody loves this combo at my home also. So try this at home and drop your comments. 

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Carrot and Orange Juice

Preparation time: 5 min | Cook Time: 0 min 
Total Time: 5 min | Serves: 2
Recipe Category: Drinks | Recipe Cuisine: International


Oranges - 2
Carrot - 2
Sugar - as needed ( optional )
Ginger - 1 inch ( optional )
Ice cubes - as needed


If you have juice extractor 

1. Add carrots and oranges in the juice extractor.

2. Serve the juice with ice cubes.

If you have blender 
  1. Cut the carrots, ginger and oranges and blend them together with 1 cup of water. 
  2. Filter them with the strainer. 
  3. Add sugar and mix it.
  4. Serve it with ice cubes. 

Tasty and healthy Juice is ready to have for this summer.

1. You can add a small piece of ginger if your like.
2. I feel adding sugar reduces the original taste. But if you like you can add it.

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19 lovely comments:


super cooler juice .


healthy and refreshing juice

Malathi Ganesh

healthy and cool


So refreshing drink and lovely clicks.. :)


Refreshing and cooler juice ...Love it dear :)


this is one of the most fav and refreshing drink famous in our house since my childhood :) lovely drink you have shared !


healthy and refreshing juice..


Refreshing juice...lovely click...

even though d recipe is simple ur pics tempting me..

Nava K

I also love that bit of ginger tinge inside. Much needed over here; to cool and quench our thirst from the burning heat.

Vysyas recipes

Healthy and delicious juice. very nice clicks.

nandoos kitchen

nice cooler juice.

Eat n Eat little More

healthy juice this summer! color is appealing too

Suja Manoj

Healthy combo,refreshing drink


nice clicks.. refreshing thirst quencher

nandoos kitchen

healthy and refreshing drink..

Rafeeda AR

i love this combination... really refreshing...

Kaveri Venkatesh

Very refreshing juice..perfect for the summers


Yummy! I remember my mum making this when we were kids.. But now that I am out of the house I just buy orange juice n gulp it down for breakfast. I prefer buying KDD Harvest’s orange juice as it contains no preservative, color or sugar. I will ask my mum to make this juice this time when I go home. thanks for sharing and refreshing my memory :D

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