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Chocolate khoya burfi

It's time for a celebration. Yes, I prepared this Chocolate burfi as my 400th Post. I was so happy. There are many fellow bloggers who blogs so frequently with great recipes. Though I could not post that frequently, I love my cooking, blogging and posting recipes, whenever I get time. I could not have achieved this without your support and appreciation. A big thank you for my family, all the fellow bloggers, my readers. 

Actually this burfi I tried long before using this recipe here, and used home made khoya. But it didn't turn out well. So again I tried using store bought khoya and followed the same recipe but did not add milk, as my mom told, it might reduce the self life and the result was awesome and I was so happy. Will again try with homemade khoya some other time. Let's go to the recipe Chocolate Burfi using Khoya.

chocolate burfi recipe

Chocolate Burfi using Khoya

Preparation time: 05 min | Cook Time: 30 min 
Total Time: 35 min | Serves: 6
Recipe Category: Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Khoya - 250 gms (when crushed came to 2 1/4 cups)
Sugar - 1.5 cups
Ghee - 1/2 tsp (for greasing)
Cocoa powder - 1.5 tbsp
Crushed cardamom - 2 pinch ( optional )
Few Saffron and nuts for garnishing

chocolate burfi

1. Grease a plate with 1/2 tsp ghee and keep it ready. Crush the khoya and divide half the portion and keep it aside. Add first portion to the medium hot pan. Add half of the sugar. Keep stirring. Sugar and khoya leaves out water and tend to stick to the pan so keep on stirring. 

2. Add the cardamom powder mix well. Dont allow the mawa to turn brown. Just cook till it thickens and when it attains the thick consistency, transfer it to the greased plate and flatten it. 

3. To the same pan, add the remaining portion of khoya, sugar and keep stirring. When it loosens, add the cocoa powder and mix well till it thickens. 

4. Spread this content above the white layered khoya. Flatten it immediately. You can use any butter paper or baking sheet for this to get smooth top layer. I just used the spoon to do it. So mine is not that much smooth.

5. Allow to cool completely and using a pizza cutter or a knife, draw squares and cut into pieces. 

6. Remove them carefully and serve them.

chocolate burfi using khoya

chocolate khoya burfi

Yummy and tasty Chocolate Burfi is ready

1. For richer taste, you can add 1/4 cup milk to the burfi, but it reduces its self life, also takes longer time to get the thick consistency.
2. This burfi can be stored for 3 days outside and 2 weeks in fridge.
3. Adding cardamom is purely optional. You can add a drop of vanilla essence also. 
4. You can adjust the sugar level as per your sweet tooth. 

24 lovely comments:


Fantastic chocolate burfi....... Looks like store bought !!!

Malathi Ganesh

My fav sweet...

Home Cooked food

looks so perfect and easy too, surely try it.


picture perfect..........really tempting


This looks so perfect! I love it!


perfectly done.. nice quick sweet


awesome.. looks just bought from store

Preeti Jaipal

perfect looking yummy barfi :)


Congrats on your 400th post.. Burfi has come out perfect, looks yummy..


Barfi looks so attractive and awesome clicks.


wonderfully done Akila.

Vysyas recipes

Chocolate burrito looks so perfect and yummy. Nice clicks. Congrats for your 400th post.

Vysyas recipes

Chocolate burfi looks so yummy. Congrats for your 400th post. Nice clicks

Mayuri Patel

Congratulations on your 400th post. Chocolate barfi is my favourite. Pictures are perfect and barfi looks tempting.

Nava K

What a superb confectionery to mark your 400th post. Waiting for more to be rolled out.


Wow, it looks very perfect and delicious. surely i am going to try this soon.


wow , looks straight from an indian sweet shop.


wow very nice recipe. ! Loved the texture too

Shama Nagarajan



Nice clicks & tempting sweet dish,Thanks for visiting mine .keep in touch .

Rafeeda AR

those barfis are calling my name! such a pity that i can only sit on this side of the screen and drool...

Sangeetha Priya

so perfect!!!

Roopa Navalpakam

This looks so fantastic. I'm going to try this tomorrow and let you know how it turns out.
P.S: Can I use real chocolate instead of cocoa powder in this receipe?


Real Chocolate already contains milk, butter and sugar also I haven't tried it. So I am not sure about the outcome. May be you can try in a small quantity and check.

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