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Sugar Bread Toast | Indian Bread Toast Recipes

sugar bread toast

This Sugar Bread Toast is very very simple and easy toast to make and at the same time, very tasty too. Actually, last saturday, I felt very boring and wanted something to eat. I thought of taking just the bread and butter. But I had only the unsalted butter sitting in my fridge. So I just added the sugar with the butter and tried this recipe Sugar Bread Toast. It came out good and I liked it very much. The same I tried in oven also, but it didnt taste that good as that of the toast done in normal pan. So here is the easy recipe - Sugar Bread Toast... 

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sugar bread toast

Sugar Bread Toast

Preparation time: 05 min | Cook Time: 08 min | Serves: 2
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: International

Bread - 4 slices
Unsalted Butter - 2 tbsp 
Sugar - 1.5 tbsp (or as per your taste)

Method to prepare Sugar Bread Toast

1. Add butter and sugar in a bowl and mix it well. 

2. Spread the sugar butter on both sides of the bread. (You can spread one side and on other side spread normal butter). Toast them on the dosa tawa or in a pan. When the bread becomes light brown flip on another side. Toast it and remove from the pan. 

3. Sprinkle some sugar crystals on top of the bread and serve. 

Tasty and yummy sugar bread toast is ready. 

1. It is purely optional to spread the butter and sugar on both the sides. Spreading one side is more than enough. 
2. Sugar may try to crystallize quickly if kept on high flame. So try to toast in medium flame. 

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kids favourite treat


My son is gng to love this he loves sneaking in and dipping his finger in my sugar canister n licking his fingers.

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this is one of our family favourite breakfast...

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simple and wud loveit

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