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Drumstick Leaves Masal Vadai | Murungai Keerai Masala Vadai | Easy Evening Snacks Recipes

Drumstick leaves vada

It's been long time since I made some snacks and When I was thinking what to do, these drumsticks leaves came to mind and I prepared this Drumstick leaves vadai. Normally people go with mixing drumstick leaves with Urud dal vadai but I made with Masal vadai. It's mostly the same preparation of Masal vadai expect that we add drumstick leaves in this.

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Murunga keera vadai

Drumstick leaves Masal Vadai

Preparation time: 10 min(soaking time: 2hrs) | Cook Time: 15 min | Serves: 5
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Drumstick leaves - 1 cup ( around 125 gms)
Bengal gram - 2 cups
Onion - 2 small sized ( chopped finely )
Curry leaves - few ( optional )
Fennel seeds - 2 tsp + 1 tsp
Cinnamon stick - 3 sticks ( 2 inches )
Cloves - 6 to 7
Giner - 1 inch (chopped very finely)
Garlic - 2 clvoes (chopped finely)
Green chilli - 2
Dry red chilli - 2 ( chopped nicely )
Salt asper taste 
Oil for frying

1. Get the leaves. Wash and keep aside. ( below drumstick leaves picture I took for poriyal which I will post later. In that I took 1 cup for this vadai)

2. Soak the Bengal gram for 2 hrs at least. After 2 hrs, take 3 tbsp of soaked Bengal gram and keep separately. Filter the water.

3. Grind the soaked Bengal gram along with cinnamon stick, fennel seeds, cloves to a coarse paste adding water little by little.

4. Add the onion, curry leaves, salt, green chilli, red chilli, asafoetida and finally the drumstick leaves. Add the soaked Bengal gram wich we kept separately.

5. Mix them nicely. Take a small portion and flat it as shown to make the vadai.

6. Heat the oil in a pan or kadai in medium flame. Drop the vadai slowly into the oil. Slightly rotate the vadai for even cooking. When the vadai turns light brown colour in all the sides, remove from oil. Filter the oil in a kitchen towel and serve hot.

7. Yummy n crunchy Drumstickleaves vadai is ready.

Murungai keerai vadai

Crispy and crunchy Drumstick leaves vadai is ready

1. If you have added more water to your mixture, that you cant get the perfect shape, add 1 or 2 tbsp of rice flour.
2. Do not keep the vadai mixture for a long time, as it becomes sour and sucks more oil, when frying.
3. If you are a beginner, fry one vadai first and check for the taste. Then fry the vadai in batches.

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healthy snack addition of drumstick is nice twist


Super crunchy tasty vadaiss☺

Nava K

Great idea to add the healthy leaves. Oh yum to the outcome and the invention.

Rafeeda AR

That is a very healthy masala vada... the addition of drumstick leaves is interesting...


Healthy and yummy ! Tempting !

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