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Now a days I am trying different varieties of idli and as a first step I tried this Quinoa idli and it came soft and spongy and nobody believed that it is made up of quinoa. The remaining batter I even used to prepare the dosa also and it also came out good. Lets see how to prepare this Quinoa Idli.

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How to make Quinoa Idli

Preparation time: 7 min (excluding soaking time: 8 hrs + 40 min grinding) | Cook Time: 10 min | Serves: 5
Recipe Category: Break fast | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian

Idli rice - 3 cups
Quinoa - 2 cups
Urud dal - 1 cup
Flattened Rice (aval / poha) - 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds - 2 tbsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Water - as required

1. Soak the rice and fenugreek seeds. This should be soaked for 5 to 6 hrs. 

2. Soak the quinoa and Urud dal 1 hr before grinding the rice. In the grinder, add the rice, fenugreek seeds and quinoa and add water little by little and start grinding. 

3. Add the Urud dal and flattened rice to the grinder and and grind to the smooth paste. Add water now and then. Add salt to it. The batter should not too thick or too watery.

4. Once it has reached its medium consistency then remove from the grinder and transfer to the vessel. Allow to ferment overnight or 8 hrs atleast. After fermentation, the batter would have raised in volume. Give a mix slightly and now the batter is ready for preparing the idli. 

5. Now in the idli moulds, add the idli batter and steam cook for 7 to 8 min or till idli gets cooked. 

6. Serve the hot hot idlis with Sambar or chutney. I seved with normal sambar and peanut chutney. 

Yummy, soft and spongy Quinoa Idli is ready

1. I have added aval, in order to make idlis more soft. You can prepare without adding also.
2. You can vary the ratio of the idli rice and quinoa and try it. But do not reduce the rice less than 2 cups, as I cannot guarantee the softness of the idli. Do not reduce the ratio of urud dal. Maintain it as 5:1 for rice+quinoa and dal.

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healthy option

Vidya Chandrahas

Soft and yummy idly. Nice post.

Vidya Chandrahas

Soft and yummy idly. Nice post.


yummy it looks...healthy too

Magees kitchenworld

Spongy idly with Quinoa Wow! super healthy option.

Nava K

Interesting and I sure agree on its softness.

Home Cooked food

looks so soft.

Happy’s Cook

soft and healthy idli... awesome...


I also do it very often with slightly different proposition.. This looks amazing.. healthy breakfast right?


Looks very soft and wanting to try it soon!!!

Gita Jaishankar

The idlis look so soft and appetizing and very healthy as well :)

Motions and Emotions

idly itself is healthy...you made it healthier than before..visit my space too

Kaveri Venkatesh

Healthy and delicious idlis


innovative n unique ones!

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